The Natural Beauty of (Microscopic) Crystals

The intricate complexity of salt crystallized from a variety of ion mixtures (e.g., sea water, dissolved Himalayan salt, Dead Sea water, even table salt and the 'light salt' variety) offer astonishing beauty when viewed under the microscope. Sugar has its own patterns of beauty.

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Beauty of Salt (YouTube video)
Salt of the Earth (pps)
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Past Shows and Events

December 2021,  Booth at the Solano Winter Stroll

Thriving in Place Group Show
Art created while sheltering in place

September 2020
Abrams Claghorn Gallery, Albany CA

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October 2020  -  January 2021  
Emotional Numbness Group Show
Women Environmental Artists Dialog (WEAD)
Virtual (on line) and at a Gallery in Tehran

eARTt Group Show
An exhibit of Bay Area artists
at the office of Senator Scott Wiener
for the Global Climate Action Summit

September 14th to October 30th, 2018
San Francisco State Building

First Friday at Uptown
June 2nd, 2017

April 14, 2017 to May 5, 2017
 "Deep Within" Group Show
Jingletown Art Studios, 3001 Chapman, Oakland
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November and December 2016  
Oakland Art Murmur First Friday Artwalk
Uptown Body and Fender, 401 26th Street

Retrospective 2014-2015 Group Show
July 8, 2016 to September 2, 2016
Kehilla Community Synagogue

Salt and Sugar Crystals:
(another) Glimpse into the Microscopic World

February 1st to April 30th, 2016
Arterra Gallery, San Francisco


Show Catalog Arterra Art Show (pdf)

RK magritte
hanukkah picture
The Hanukkah Project

Salt and Sugar Crystals: a glimpse into a colorful microscopic world

October 31st to December 15th, 2015

Kiryat-Tivon Commemoration Center, Israel

Show Catalog (Hebrew) Tivon Art Show (pdf)

New images added October 2015

walk-in Selection from 2013-2015
May 29th  to  July 20th, 2015
Private home in Noe Valley, San Francisco

Kosher Salt et cetera
5/2/2015  to  7/3/2015
Kehilla Community Synagogue
1300 Grand Ave.,  Oakland, CA 94610

Oakland City Hall, Part 2
Solo show of microscopic salt crystals: NEW set of pictures  February 27th to April 2nd, 2015 
Floor Gallery
Oakland City Hall

Thumbnails of featured images  February 2015

whitewashed hut

Oakland City Hall, Part 1

Microscopic ocean salt crystals
November 17th, 2014 to February 27th, 2015

3rd Floor Gallery
Oakland City Hall

whitewashed hut
doubly bubbly Oakland Art Murmur First Friday November 7, 2014 (One-evening event)
Uptown Body and Fender.

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November 2014
flying HS Jingletown Art Studios
September 10 to October 1, 2014  
Solo show of images of microscopic salt and sugar crystals at the Jingletown Art Studios gallery in Oakland.

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Jingletown (September 2014)
green staircase Oakland Art Murmur First Friday March 7, 2014 (One-evening event)
Uptown Body and Fender.

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Thumbnail Gallery March 2014

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