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Dr. Katznelson has published
peer-reviewed articles in several
scientific journals during the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. These include
the Journal of Biological Chemistry, the Archives of Microbiology, the European Journal of Biochemistry, and the Journal of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.
Please see the complete list in her resume.

Dr. Katznelson is also the author of many research and monitoring reports, and has presented numerous papers in conferences. A selection of her publications in USA conferences of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) and the National Water Quality Monitoring Council (NWQMC), is available on this site as listed below.

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NWQMC 2019 - Quality Management and Upload Platform for Field Measurements Data     (Abstract, 62 KB PDF file, plus the Poster,  1.3 MB PDF file)

NWQMC 2016 - QA/QC Demystified: The Case  for Quality Checks 
(11p Manuscript, 66 KB PDF file, plus the Poster, 4.7 MB PDF file)

NWQMC 2014 - Sensor Signal Integrity and Data Quality Management:
Who is Doing What?
(Presentation slides, 0.7 MB PDF file)

NWQMC 2014 - Managing Spatial Data: The FlexiGrid Experience
(Presentation slides, 1.1 MB PDF file)

NWQMC 2012 - From Quality Assurance to Data Elements: Making the
Connections for Sensors
(Presentation slides, 2.4 MB PDF file)
Co-authored with Dan J. Sullivan of the USGS, this presentation walks the reader
from the basic data quality management functions, through the tools developed by
the Aquatic Sensors Workgroup, to the data elements needed for capture of
essential information about the results of water quality monitoring data.

NWQMC 2010 - An Integrated List of Data Elements: Unifying Concepts in Action
(16p Manuscript, 76 KB PDF file)

NWQMC 2008 - Unifying concepts in environmental monitoring
(Presentation slides, 2.0 MB PDF file)

NWQMC 2008 - The FlexiGrid: a universal spatial sampling frame
(16p Manuscript, 99 KB PDF file)
Invented by Dr. Katznelson in 2007 as a management tool for spatial monitoring data,
the FlexiGrid concept has been applied to capturing, managing, and processing of
physical habitat assessments data. The FlexiGrid spreadsheets system also enables
streamlined calculation of Endpoints (metrics, indices, and descriptive statistics) for
each assessment, as well as preparation of data for export into any receiving

NWQMC 2006 - Data Capture, Quality Management, and Storage
Tools for Citizen Monitoring Groups
(Presentation slides, 1 MB PDF file)

NWQMC 2006 - What is Representativeness and why are we confused
(Presentation slides, 0.8 MB PDF file)

NWQMC 2004 - From Wildcat Creek to STORET: Journey of Data
(Presentation slides, 2.5 MB PDF file)
Authored with David Wilcox of Gold Systems

NWQMC 2002 - Letting Monitoring Data Speak for Themselves
(16p Manuscript, 103 KB PDF file)

NorCal SETAC 1999 - Urban Stormwater Runoff Toxicity Testing:
Purpose, Findings, and Uncertainties
(Presentation slides, 0.3 MB PDF file)

NWQMC 1998 - Tailoring of Data Quality Objectives to Specific Monitoring
(12p Manuscript, 80 KB PDF file)

National SETAC 1997 - Urban Runoff Toxicity and Diazinon Concentrations
in the San Francisco Bay Area

(Presentation slides, 0.3 MB PDF file)

Water Quality Reports

Working with Woodward Clyde Consultants and with the California State Water Resources Control Board's Clean Water Team (CWT) and Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (SWAMP), Dr. Katznelson was the lead author of several water quality reports. Some of these reports are available on line:

The Reference Site Study and the Urban Gradient Study Conducted in Selected San Francisco Bay Region Watersheds in 2008-2010 - June 2012

Water Quality Monitoring and Bioassessment in Selected San Francisco Bay Region Watersheds in 2004-2006 - December 2008

Water Quality Monitoring and Bioassessment in Four San Francisco Bay Region Watersheds - 2003-2004 - June 2007 (Revised 2008)

The Russian River First Flush 2002 Report - June 2003


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