Microscopic crystals of salt and sugar (c) 2013 - 2014 Revital Katznelson
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Images addedd in November 2014
for the
Oakland City Hall Show
and the
Oakland Art Murmur First Friday (November and December 2014)
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New additions to the gallery,  grouped by salt or sugar type.

Table Salt Crystals (TB) - New Group


Crystals of "Light Salt" (sodium and potassium chloride)
light salt

Ocean Salt-Mix Crystals

Xylitol Sugar Crystals (XY)

Planet Xy Landscapes with Visitors Plus Other Concoctions
The wondrous landscapes of Planet Xy, the imaginary world created by Xylitol sugar crystals, were formed when I added blue food coloring to the xylitol solution. These landscapes just called for visitors, and I could not resist! I used the GIMP software to “photoshop” the figures into the landscapes. Later GIMP-Modified images include clustering of isolated crystals and other concoctions.