Video and Movies

Shooting, capturing, and editing video are relatively new skills, acquired after retirement from State service. Time became more available then, and - as everyone knows - editing video takes a lot of time!
  picture of a camcorder

Since 2006, a number of documentary films and a myriad of demonstration videos were created, using footage shot on targeted outings. Two 3-min films describing the aftermath of the major 2007 oil spill in San Francisco Bay are available on YouTube. One of them was featured in the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival in February 2008 (Program #5).

picture of an oiled coot

Revital's demonstration videos, integrating narrations read by a variety of voices, were widely used in the Distance Learning Module she had created for the California Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (SWAMP).
Module 7

The camcorder and digital cameras are constant companions for every outdoor pastime, and much of the wildlife footage Revital has shot is opportunistic (just happened to be at the right time and place). She has a rich collection of footage showing birds, squirrels, water, clouds, etc. and has used to create a number of fun and beauty movies.

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