The first viewing of microscopic objects at age 5, looking through Father's microscope, generated a life-long interest in tiny things. Microscopy became a passion and a part of daily life throughout a busy professional career and beyond. Photography of microscopic crystals has recently turned into art!
picture of statoblasts polyl of a bryozoan
Statoblasts and an isolated polyp of
the bryozoan Pectinatella magnifica (x25)

Much more than essential work tools (e.g., recording zooplankton communities, or observing toxicity test organisms, or documenting the life-cycle of minute aquatic creatures), microscopes provide a window to the magnificence and beauty of Nature. In combination with a camera, capture of this beauty is a favorite pastime.

a picture of a salt crystal Crystallized salt or sugar reveals overwhelming beauty when viewed under the microscope. A recently-discovered artistic pursuit, the story and the thumbnail collections of Revital's art shows are at
The micro-world of crystals

Some images can be enlarged at Stock Photos

Video and slideshow are at
Beauty of Salt (video)
Salt of the Earth (slide show)
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Small pebbles from a Pacific Ocean beach, magnified x6

picture of beach pebbles under the microscope

Young Bay Mussel covered with bryozoans and tunicates (x6)

picture of marine life under the microscope

Floating freshwater vegetation: Azolla sp. Fairy Moss) and Lemna sp. (Duckweed), magnified x6

picture of the fern Azolla

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