Consulting Services

Dr. Katznelson is currently working as an independent contractor, applying her experience and skills to provide help in a number of scientific efforts and areas of inquiry (e.g., water and sediment chemistry, microbial source tracking, pollutants fate and transport, physical habitat, etc.)

Environmental Monitoring Studies

Assistance with Monitoring Design
          Brainstorming sessions
          Participation in Technical Advisory Committees
          Planning documents support

Monitoring Data analysis, Interpretation, and Reporting:
Turning data into information          
         Compliance documents
          Interpretive reports

Technical Writing and Document Review
          Monitoring plans, Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs)           Standard Operating Procedures
          Technical Review of Interpretive Reports

Monitoring Data Management
         Spatial data processing using the FlexiGrid system
         Specialized data quality management functions

Training and Outreach

Curriculum Development and Training
         Train-the-trainer workshops
         Development of training courses

Construction of Distance Learning Courses
         Monitoring protocols
         Scientific concepts

Application of Enviromental Education Games
         Urban runoff
         Ecological cycles

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