Travelling is a great way to learn about the world!  Revital travels often include a combination of work assignments, exploration & sightseeing, and visiting people.

Professional Travel  

From Jerusalem
USA 1981 Columbia University, NY (Microinjection experiments), California, Florida, Connecticut

UK 1984 Cambridge (Adhesion conference), Berkshire, London

UK 1986 Lake Windermere laboratory

UK 1988 Cardiff University

Australia 1989 Sydney University, Canberra (lower monongolo treatment plant), Melbourne (Werribee treatment ponds)

USA 1990 UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

From California

Israel 1993, 1994, 1996 Visits with colleagues at the Hebrew University, Tahal, and Tel Aviv University

Israel 1999 Conference of the Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Quality Sciences

USA Travel for the National Water Quality Monitoring Conferences:
1998 Reno, Nevada
2002 Madison, Wisconsin
2004 Chattanooga, Tennessee
2006 San Jose, California
2008 Atlantic City, New jersey
2010 Denver, Colorado
2012 Portland, Oregon
2014 Cincinnati, Ohio
2016 Tampa, Florida
2019 Denver, Colorado

USA Travel for meetings of the Methods and Data Comparability Board:
2004 Loveland, Colorado
2006 Cincinnati, Ohio
2007 Portland, Oregon
2009 Chicago, Illinois