Guidance Documents

Clean Water Team (CWT) Guidance Compendium for Watershed Monitoring and Assessments

CWT Compendium

Part of Dr. Katznelsonís contribution as a Citizen Monitoring Coordinator for the Clean Water Team, the Citizen Monitoring Program of the State Water Resources Control Board, was to create a structure for a compilation of monitoring protocols. The resulting compendium of CWT Guidance documents, or 'how-to' manuals, is organized in folders, one for each water-quality characteristic (a.k.a parameter). Each folder includes three types of documents:
(1) Fact Sheet (presenting ecological significance and regulatory benchmarks for that water quality characteristic);
(2) Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs; step by step instructions, one SOP for each method that measures the characteristic); and
(3) Information Paper (information about available methods for monitoring that characteristics).

All documents have an identifier (number ID) that corresponds to the section number in the compendium. Dr. Katznelson has written a large number of documents for the CWT Guidance compendium.