Distance Learning Modules

SWAMP Field Methods for Water Quality Monitoring
(Modules 1-6 and Common Elements A-D, published in November 2005)
SWAMP Field Modules videos

The California Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (SWAMP) developed a distance learning course, using multi-media presentation, for teaching how to perform field measurements and collect environmental samples. Dr. Katznelson was the Subject Matter Expert for eight of the ten units, and was the chief editor and production liaison of the entire course.

SWAMP Field Methods for Physical and Biological Assessments (Module 7, published in 2012)
Module 7 video

Dr. Katznelson created the Instruction Units for the module, based on the SWAMP protocols. She also compiled the contents, shot and edited the demonstration videos, wrote the narration, and oversaw the production of the module.